The Importance of Individualism


I came across this quote on my Instagram page and felt it needed to be shared. If you have been keeping up with me and my life you are aware I plan to do bigger and better things with my life and that entails a very long road ahead. Although it is depressing looking into the future thinking about all the work I have to do to achieve my dream job, this really hit home for me.

In undergrad everything is a competition between people and it is really degrading when you constantly compare yourselves to others but at the University I go to, it is so large and you get so lost in the population you almost have to complare yourself to others to get a grasp of how you are doing in the class. I also have a very strong personality and I sometimes share things that some people don’t like, I sometimes have a strong opinion about things. I have recently learned to step back and hear instead of being heard. Some of the other people I emerse myself with at school are also strong willed and will get their point across in the same manner I use. This has become a very humbling experience seeing what it is like to be on the recieving end of a strong opninonated person.

This quote made me realize we are all our own individuals, and much like the discovery of my amazing boyfriend and how he treats me, I have alos cut some very toxic people out of my life because I shouldn’t have to work to be friends with people. My best friend lives 1400 miles away and we barely ever talk and some people like friendships like that but then there are others that need to talk daily and need to see friends. I unfortunately don’t have time in my busy schedule for people like that and therefore have resorted to being with people who have schedules like mine or people that understand how busy I am. God created us all to be our own unique people and therefore some get along better than others, I very strongly believe the right people are put in our lives but we need to get rid of the ones that add negativity and stress.

My life has chaged IMMENSELY since I gave in and cut ties with certain people and honestly I have never felt better. My advice to you: lose all the toxicity, it may seem like its worth it now but review the past few days, weeks, months or years and think about all the effort you have put into trying to impress these people you think are your “friends” and grow closer with the people you need to give no effort to and still reap the rewards of an amazing friendship. That is my advice and it has worked for me so I hope you think about it and it works for you too! Happy Thursday!

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6 thoughts on “The Importance of Individualism

  1. “Chose your poison”. Another great quote that cuts to the chase. Some people are simply poison to the soul. If, because you are a nice person, you don’t cut this poison out, it will seep through your pores and pollute your very nature.
    I follow your writing because of your honesty. You write from your spirit. Most people are skin deep when it comes to values and the treatment of others.

    Unfortunately, our culture is loosing this quality of soul focused and determined spiritual qualities that help our humanity sore. You have a friend out here that applauds your goals and aspirations. Certainly, you are referring to those around you that you bump into on a daily basis. Find the individuals that are soul based and avoid the skin deep people.

    Hang onto your goals. Hold onto them tightly. Chose your poison or better even, chose to stay focused on your soul. Being skin deep will allow the poison to seep through your pores.

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    1. Thank you, this means so much and I have already cut the negativity out. No worries there! I enjoy hearing your thoughts on what I write and continue to be inspired by the way you respond to me. Seems like you and I think very alike.

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  2. Loved this! I feel you and am WITH you!
    I can see by your beautiful smile that you are a light in the world, PRAISE BE TO GOD!!!! I am missing this in God’s women… I am very sorry to say.. It has been very saddening experience feeling like– wow, this could be the real deal! This could be a real friend.. Like a new puppy I get all happy! But, as time moves forward they start to look at my husband more and me less.. The also start throwing rocks (at all people who shine) and seem to want nothing of the light God has given me to offer other than to be THEIR cheerleader, their support system, and a lot of the time, their Jesus! All that said, I am thankful for you living out you LIGHT for all of us who love the Lord and one another and yes, even those who feel so dim about themselves, they cant help but ” throw rocks at things that shine”.. Shine is sister!!!
    From 💕🌄

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