The Most Magical Soap There Ever Was

Okay, I know I’ve been MIA for way past a minute BUT i have had quite a few things happen in my life that I’m sure none of you want to hear about. But what you do want to hear about is this insanely magical soap that will work wonders on your RV/Camper when cleaning!

I have posted about this before on my 15 Things every RV/Travel Trailer needs its this soap called Charlie’s and it has been a GODSEND for cleaning our camper. We had like the usual run marks from the roof down the side of the camper from all the dirt that has accumulated and it was getting to look pretty awful.

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 4.46.40 PM.png

You basically use this soap in the same way you would with pine sol or any other liquid soap. I dumped in way more than I needed for sure but of course, I wasn’t mad about it because our camper was a mess :/

I have pictures of my very rigged “mop/brush” that I used because Nick found a softer one for me just as soon as i zip tied these rags onto my brush…oh well. Anyway, I found a bucket and just kept dipping and scrubbing the side of the camper and it was MAGICAL! I wish I took way more pictures of what this stuff can do but it is NUTS!

So here is my extremely ridiculous brush that I configured to wash the camper with:








Now, I wish I had listened to nick from the beginning because the bristles on this brush were very hard but I figured that helped for scrubbing! Well, it was on a very short handle and therefore I had to keep going up and coming back down to clean the entire thing which got to be a pain (and I’m also sore from doing 21 day fix  *cue mini violin, I know*.

Progress pictures:

I have harped and here is the proof! As I said earlier I really wish I took more pictures of the progress and results but whats a girl to do when its too late…


Now this is an extremely depressing picture looking at it now but when I was going through all of this it looked amazing to me! And I was also cleaning this camper with water and no shoes on in 50 degree weather…yikes! I could barely feel my toes and after a while I gave up on keeping my socks dry and just started walking in the water, which is what those weird looking footprints are…mine!

So our camper is not meant to be walked on the roof, however there are “rafters” is what I am going to go with, that run across the width of the camper about every…ehh maybe 4 feet. When we purchased the camper we talked to a maintenance guy that had to check it out before it was sold to us and he said it was safe to walk on just just be careful and make sure you stay on those rafters, well, as you can tell by my footsteps I was! Then I asked nick to throw me the hose and I turned around and put too much pressure on a part of the roof and I craked the roof!!!  It was the most horrid sound and neither of us were too happy about it, but the crack is under the roofing material and therefore, as far as we know, is nothing but a cosmetic oopsie!

So in the picture of the roof, I have not yet rinsed off the dirt, which was a mistake but again, amateur right over here! So this is the best picture I got but it definitely shows the power of this soap! Also, I know many people woud be telling me there is no need to clean off the roof but since we will be storing it indoors I figured it wont be getting dirty so it couldn’t hurt to have one more thing clean!


This is a picture of the top of our awning, it was getting SO dirty from all the traveling and honestly grossing the both of us out. This is another progress picture, clearly before I rinsed off the dirt but LOOK AT THAT DIFFERENCE!! I cannot say enough about this soap and I have no idea where in the magical universe it came from but it worked wonders!

Of course I forgot to take many other pictures and the camper is stored somewhere 20 minutes away from my house and its a cloudy day so you won’t get the full effect of my diligent work on this camper! But here are a few funny pictures to get you all through the rest of your day. Thanks for reading and I hope you all give this soap a shot! (totally not sponsored in any way I just love this soap)

IMG_8988.JPG    IMG_8989.JPG

Until next time,


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