The Reality Game

Since deciding what my blog was going to majorly be focused on I have noticed that not much has been happening with my home buying goals. Since my post on The Importance of Patience I have grown and things in life have obviously gotten in the way. As we grow and blossom into better and more knowledgable people life just seems to sometimes fly by and all of a sudden its been MONTHS since you have thought about that job, or that trip or that person! This post is about how I have not forgotten and the time is still flying by!

We got preapproved for our home loan in March of this year! As many of my followers will know, I was clearly ecstatic and the first thing I wanted to do was share will all of you that things were coming along and the blog may be set full throddle ahead! Well, jokes on me because since March our realtor has been sending houses through an app she suggested I download and nothing has really struck me as “That’s it!” I feel as if I am dragging her through the mud but I have recently realized that its not about how fast you find a house because purchasing a house is a huge move! We have decided that 100% land is our biggest factor in buying a house. We need land to be happy and love the house we’ll have hopefully forever but at least for years to come!

Starting out in the home buying process I was such a new duck and ready to tread all the waters of homebuying, so excited to just dive right in and constantly send Nick all these beautiful houses. But of course life got in the way! Things started happening and our savings isn’t really exactly what we would like it to be before purchasing a house. Although we got approved we have decided that since our price point is so low and we want land, most of the time that means the house will be lacking and will need some help!

Long story short, knowing that patience is a virtue is much easier said than acted upon! We have been waiting since forever to be able to move out of our parents houses but I have now realized that it is okay that we have to wait. Although I feel as if I am dragging the realtor through the dirt with us I also feel as if we may be surprised when we see a house we want and fall in love and eventually own it! All good things to come in the future and we are keeping our heads high! I just wish it wouldn’t seem as though time is flying by!

Until next time,


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