Uplifting and supportive peers

I feel the need to do as another blogger did and post another blog about life and emotions. I posted Disheartening disappointment yesterday and one of my peer bloggers I avidly check on for new posts posted a blog in response to my post, after writing a response on my blog he felt empowered to help others and wrote Dirt roads paved by God. This blog post has completely turned my head from thinking quite honestly very negatively to seeing the beauty in things. After reading about all the hardships he and his wife had gone through at the beginning stages of their marriage, it made me realize, I am not the only one!!

When I think about the situation we are placed in right now: Nick working full time, I work part time, go to school full time, we are saving for a house, live at home with parents, both have student loans, I am still paying while in school…its so much stress! But then I read things like this, from my peers with much more experience than me, who have been down this road and understand and anyone I talk to who has been through this time in their life all talk about it with such ease and in a relaxed tone when it feels like life is constantly prodding and poking me telling me to get up on my feet and when I am sitting at home for the two hours I get between school and work, I should be doing something! Knowing that others have been through this and made it out okay and are happy and in a state of mind where they are comfortable, have someone who loves them and a couple of kids, maybe animals, and their life is complete! I cannot wait to be at this point in my life where I can wake up in the morning, have a cup of coffee and be able to relax since that word is not even in my vocabulary lately.

I need to honestly thank this blogger for creating a post for others based off of what he said to me because as I responded to his blog, I saw something a few days ago that struck me hard and made me think a little differently and this quote said, “Some people would love to have your bad day.” This got me thinking, with all the stress I accumulate thinking about debt and a house and school, there are people much worse off, worried about losing their homes or losing a loved one (which I should have realized much earlier since I work in a hospital and see this all the time). I immediately felt selfish and extremely lucky for all of the things I have in my life. My family is healthy, my animals are loving 24/7, my boyfriend is the best thing that ever happened to me and my mom is constantly supporting me no matter what problem I find myself in.

Having the positivity of the blogging community has changed me so much and I wish that I could share this joy with all of you even just through this small string of blog posts. And please, if you find yourself looking for another great blog to follow, please go follow the one I link at the end. You will not be disappointed.

Is there anything that any of you find helps you be thankful for what you have instead of constantly stressed? Please share!

Until next time,





4 thoughts on “Uplifting and supportive peers

  1. Wow… Thank you so much. You are very kind. Thanks for the help of spreading my blog.
    I will keep you in my prayers and lets stay in touch.
    To clarify, I work probably 70-80 hours a week. My wife works around 50 hours. We certainly are still stressed each day and work hard every minute. So if I made it seem as though the rough times are over, they aren’t. I think our perspectives have changed though throughout the years.
    I enjoy your writings and look forward to our continual conversing.
    Keep your chin up and let me know what I can do to talk your boyfriend into marrying you. LOL.

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  2. This was a beautiful post. You have so much going on right now girl don’t be hard on yourself! You are working hard on your future, keep your head up! The way you humble yourself with recognizing your blessings is inspiring! So happy to have connected with your blog:)

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