Disheartening disappointment

Let down, setback, heartache, all words that lead to disapointment.

I know I have posted about this before but it never gets easier. I began my blog to talk about the home buying experience and things along our path that may be able to help other first time home buyers. With everything we have been through in the  past year I have shared all the new information I have accumulated but lately it feels as if the world is against us with getting a house. As I have explained earlier we got a camper so we spent money that didn’t need to be spent just simply for our sanity.

Since Nick and I don’t live together it’s really hard to see one another when our daily lives are creating quite literally a whirlwind of emotions and anxiety and literally anything you can think of. We got the camper to be able to have a place that is ours and a place where we can go to spend time together alone. I do not regret this decision one bit. I never will.

Back to the reason why I am writing right now, in life, when things are looking up and possibly going in the right directions it is difficult to think about being let down and the possible setbacks of a situation. It seems as though everytime Nick and I find a house we agree on and love, we drive to check it out and if we like it we contact our realtor and see what the deal is. Basically, this is the third time I have been heartbroken over a home we didn’t even own (or see the inside of)! This house had it all, three out buildings for storage, 18 acres of land (!!!) and plenty of bedrooms with plenty of room for improvement all listed at the price we were approved for. Now, being smart and having a brain I know we can’t go anywhere near what we were approved for but it is extremely hard to find a place that we like with land for what we are looking to spend. Just another uphill battle.

I know we will get there someday and find the house we love and will stay in for years to come but it sucks having the house quite literally handed to someone else right in front of your face. We just need to keep moving forward and hope that god has a better plan in mind for us.

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3 thoughts on “Disheartening disappointment

  1. Hang in there. God is in control. Lot’s of prayers and let Him guide you to your house. Good luck. Life seems difficult as we struggle day by day. The miracle of life is being able to look back and see all the progress you have made. It’s a funny thing, today and yesterday sure feels like a pot-holed dirt road with no end in sight. Just dust and achy bones and thoughts of just quitting or turning around. But, God in his wisdom, has a paving machine somewhere behind you beyond your scope of vision. You won’t ever see Him paving this bleak roadway your traveling down for quite some time. However, one day, you will look back at these trials and see nothing but smooth roads. It takes time. It takes endurance, and it takes faith. Hang tough through these struggles and gain strength along the way. Soon you will have that house. The house won’t be the trophy though. Your character and lessons learned will be. How will you know when those trophies are awarded? Look back….and see the dirt road has been paved.

    love your blogs. Dennis.

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