The busy life of a student

I just began school last week, with having off this long holiday weekend I am just now realizing what it is like to be back in school again. While having some time off during (the second half of) summer vacation I have gotten back into loving to read. I was never super happy about reading and I needed a good book to get into if I wanted to enjoy the act of reading a book. I had looked up the most popular books at the time and just randomly chose a few. I have read a few since my last post about books but this post in particular is not about those books. Although maybe I’ll post about that again soon.

This post is about my crazy schedule and how I somehow keep my head above water through it all. Going back to the university this semester has been tougher than ever in my opinion because it is finally my “senior year”. I put that is quotes because if you have been following along with me at all, you know I have much bigger plans for myself that don’t have an outcome much shorter than another 6 years in school *sigh*. However, this is what I want to do and I am determined more now than ever because I can finally see the faintest light at the end of the tunnel.

I am taking on a heafty work load this semester and taking all difficult upper level courses which is something I have not had to pack into my schedule thus far and therefore I am slightly freaking out. Many of my classes are pushed onto Monday, I begin at 10 (not so bad but you have to get up early to even find parking at my school so it defeats the purpose of having a late start). My last class lets out at 9:40pm. Long day for sure! I also work part time, approx. 25 hrs a week and because of the job that I have right now, I only work 8 hour shifts. It’s TOUGH pushing through school full time and having my job in a hospital dealing with emergency room patients that sometimes seem to have gotten a call that their friend is in the ER and they are inviting all these other people to join them. Sometimes the wait is just never ending and I never get to see a hot minute to chill and look at what school work I can do between my patients.

The rest of the week I have minimal classes in my days and it makes for an easier transition into thursday when I have NO classes!!! woohoo! I am so glad I did that now that the semester is here so that I can catch up on anything I have to and make sure I am well prepared for all of my classes because as anyone at a university knows, showing up to class ill prepared only leads to awful grades and a heaping pile of stress on your plate!

Thankfully I have my mother and Nick by my side to help me through everything I am going to battle in this upcoming semester. My school bills are astronomical and I had a mental breakdown last week about how I will be paying for school because I already have a ton of money out in loans for the past years at school and refuse to let that build up because we really are trying to get a house. My loving and wonderful mother told me I could relax and put my first payment on her credit card and pay her back when I got the money. Thank god for this woman.

This was all fine and dandy until today rolled around. I was making it by before by saving all I could and keeping a pretty heafty bank account for emergencies and that (someday) home! I got a text from the woman who writes my work schedule today telling me there were very few extra shifts I could pick up. Great. I’m already running thin (because I am saving 2/3 of my paycheck…not becuause I have actually cut myself short with money) and here I am being told there are no extra shifts for money. I immediately panic then begin to think, everyone has debt! If the banks change around our numbers from what we were pre-approved for then so be it. I need to focus on my day to day life now that school has begun and make sure I can do the best I can in these classes I am taking instead of stressing about money, otherwise the money I am stressing about is going to cause me to have to pay again to retake the class because I didn’t do well this time around. I will not let that happen! Therefore, it is what it is and I will be taking things day by day. Which I totally advise everyone else to do as well. The little things are not worth stressing out about! Enjoy the things you have right now and take in the atmosphere around you, you are alive and today is a good day!

Any readers have any other good thoughts on how to ease anxiety about money? Please share!

Until next time,


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