Time Management

As I was signing on to write this blog I noticed another writer I follow posted about Organization and maintaining an organized schedule….we must be on the same page!

Being a full time student and working is a life that is more hectic than many may think. Having a schedule like this it is so important to be able to have a schedule, a plan, and stick to it! I on the other had am TERRIBLE at keeping a schedule and staying on top of things. I am one of those people that study so hard I ware myself out then after a test I become exhausted and take a personal mental break.

Now, while some of you will be saying “oh, thats no big deal, many people need a mental break!” I have to say to you people, “ha! Not when you go to a university!” When you take one day off you are losing hours of time you could be reviewing and studying material you will need to know for the exam, however close or far away that may be.

This can be frustrating for most new students to college but many of the people I am in school with are younger than I am and their parents pay for schooling, living, and food. I on the other hand have some sort of responsibilities and (as you all know) I am trying to save for a house so working is a huge must for me! I live off of such little money because I save 2/3 of my paycheck! That is very hard to do when you don’t live at home but luckily, I manage to use the money I am making for my everyday necessities and I am still saving a heafty amount of money.

I went through the whole shoot and match of buying a planner and it started off so well, I was using it all the time and keeping up with myself and the things I needed to do but once I sit in my bed at night and start to study (because I don’t have a desk!) all I can think about is laying down and falling asleep! I must admit though I am luckier than most because between my patients at work I am able to do some homework, but I can’t start anything that will take me a decent amount of time or anything that is timed because I don’t know if it will get busy or not.

Anyway, the main point of this was to reach out to anyone that happens to be like me and understand they are not alone and I am also horrible at time management but I end up making it work and it will work for everyone! It’s just so important to stay up on workouts and self-care time as well as doing everyday tasks. This can be the most difficult part but I promise it is worth it!

Until next time,


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