I have not updated in a while but the family has expanded by four paws! Yesterday we got ourselves a new kitty and he is (very slowly) being welcomed (by us) into the family. Our current cat isn’t too fond of sharing but everyone has to learn sometime. This is a huge step seeing as we just recently put down our dog, but we made the decision it was time for that to happen. The cat was looking very depressed and lonesome and truthfully bored, so we decided to get him a little friend to play with. This is Monty, we decided he will be a Montel and Monty will be his nickname like our other cat Martin is Marty. Day by day things will get better and we will appreciate this decision one day (I hope). I have always wanted a black cat and I am a firm believer in them being good luck not bad luck, so lets hope only good things come my way. My math test went well so maybe thats the start of something great! He weighs all of 3.5lbs and is a terror to Martin but purrs just about as much as he sleeps. I am so happy that this was the addition to my life, something that Nick and I can appreciate together and enjoy the company of without having to be judged on our lifestyle.


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