To Begin

I decided this is going to be a semi-daily thing for me, I am going to walk everyone through the steps I am going through towards owning a house on my own. I have been saving my money like crazy for this moment. Keep in mind, I live at home with my mom and pay little to none of the bills so saving was very easy for me.

Having my own house has always been one of the things I look most forward to in life. Starting out this journey, I know nothing about home buying and what it takes to be a homeowner. I met a friend of a friend who was a realtor and she has been casually sending me houses she thinks I would like and I have been giving her feedback. In my opinion, this is an imperative part of this all because this is how you can get a feel for the area you want to live in and the houses available. Its also important to know what the other houses are going for, knowing this you can kind of gauge what should be a normal price for a house you want to get. This is really hard and thats why the realtor is there to guide you along, so use them and their knowledge!

I got lucky because the realtor I used was sending me houses even before I got pre-approved, this was huge because it made the whole process casual and easy and the most important, LESS STRESSFUL! The houses would get sent when they appeared every so often for about 3 months. We made it clear to the realtor that the most important thing, our number one, is land. We want space and nothing that is so close that we are up our neighbors  our neighbors are up our butts all the time. With that being known, few houses would come up but when one specific one did, Nick and I got very excited. We are now at the point where we are keeping our mouths shut and fingers crossed!!

Positive vibes our way and I’ll keep updating as our journey continues!


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