The Beauty of Surprise

Today was my mothers 60th birthday. I surprised her with the trip to Alaska and we both sat in awe of the moment crying in the kitchen at 8:30am. The thought of creating so many beautiful memories and discovering new places that people call home excites me. I love travel and I know my mother does so this was the best gift to be able to give her. She has inspired me everyday to be more and more like her in her personality, strength and patience especially. She may be growing older but so am I and I cannot show her how much I appreciate her other than giving he the gift of travel and memories. I am feeling whatever is more than happy at this moment that she is so excited to go and I feel as if my siblings and I just made her the happiest woman even with the thought of this trip. She is my everything and making her happy is one of the best things I could ever ask for in the world, because I know in my lifetime I have caused her pain and heartbreak also but I will always be there for her no matter what.


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