Tying the knot

As the holiday season comes to a close we are left to reflect on all of the social media hype that everyone wants to show off. There is no better way to put it. Everyone and their mother is getting engaged and posting a ring picture and saying “it’s about time” after approximately 1 year…maybe a little longer?

Then I get to thinking about how I feel sorry for myself but then there are people that have been together way longer than Nick and I that also see these posts and get upset about them too. This is the biggest problem with social media, and where all of the negativity of the holidays comes from….jealousy.

One of my friends from college recently got engaged after being with her boyfriend for over nine years! That is a crazy long time to be seeing other people moving forward in their relationships and writing down your emergency contact as your “boyfriend.”

As I have been told multiple times and feel it is necessary to remind people like me, everyone moves at their own pace! Unfortunately for us impatient women we have to wait for our men! I Honestly think this is the best tradition and the best way to handle these things because us crazy women would be rushing into things left and right if everything was up to us! Since we will be making the decisions for the rest of the marriage!

I personally would love for my engagement to be on any other day of the year and not around the holidays like every other human because there is more thought put into the proposal and it’s more about the love and not the time of year. Trust me, I cannot wait to be engaged but to me the longer you wait the more special it will be because you will appreciate it so much more! We jealous human beings need to all realize our significant others may not be thinking about it quite as much as we do but I bet they think about the future of the relationship more than many of us notice.

The day will come for all of us and after all these social media-hungry people get their bug out, posting wedding pictures from 1, 2, 3, and 5 years ago **eye roll** where we can finally look at them and realize they just want the attention and the likes to get the personal fulfillment from people just mindlessly scrolling and liking things.

My relationship is worth so much more than that and therefore I and I’m hoping all of you will come to see when the day comes the wait will be so worth it!

Have any of you slid pictures of rings into the possession of your significant other to give hints? Let me know if so! (because I sure have 😉 )

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5 thoughts on “Tying the knot

  1. “Love”. The most important ingredient besides oxygen and water.

    Marriage has been the best gift God has given me. Misty and I have been married along time. Three children and five Grandchildren. I have been extremely fortunate to have shared my life with my best friend. Most people will say, “marriage is difficult……but worth it”. My marriage has been easy. We have been a great fit and partners through life. Since the beginning of our marriage we have begun our day and ended our day with prayer. (#1 secret to a successful marriage).
    I can’t wait to hear of your engagement to be married. Certainly, marry on your time table, but consider inviting God to be part of it.

    Get your house yet?

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    1. Thank you so much this was such a thoughtful comment and trust me I can’t wait!

      No house yet, we have been keeping an eye on the market and unfortunately in the winter things start to slow down a little bit more, but we have a down payment saved up and we just keep thinking of all the extra money we are saving while waiting for the perfect house! I’ll keep everyone updated, no worries!

      Thanks for checking in so much! And I look forward to having a successful marriage just like the two of you!


      1. I really enjoy your blogs. I only read a few writers. I’ve basically stopped writing blogs. I don’t really know why, just stopped. I still look forward to yours though.

        I look forward to reading your steps through life. I don’t mean to always mention God to you in my responses, but I do simply because in my life, God has lifted and carried me through most of it.

        When I was younger, I made every mistake possible. If the mistake could have potentially been made, I did it. Possibly wrote the owners manual on it afterwards.
        I was an alcoholic, chewed two cans of Copenhagen a day. I was divorced twice before I met my current wife of 23 years. etc…..

        I had a breakdown after my second divorce and decided one night to take my life. Prior to acting on my suicide, I took time to look up and spill out my complaint list to God. I threw in every curse word I could come up with and invented my own. I raised my voice and was literally screaming and certifiably insane.

        This circumstance of complete blow-apart then changed to a healing therapeutic healing for me. I found that I began making promises to God about my past behaviors and habits that ultimately lead me to the place I was. Mistakes that I had made that seemed to be blurred from personal responsibility before were now crystal clear to me as my pathway I had chosen.

        Since that miraculous day, I have kept the promises I have made to God. God, in return has done the same. I met my wife, Misty, and she has been my rock. My life has had it’s ups and downs, but my perspective on them has changed. (perspective plays a big part of life challenges).

        I will never speak of religion or sect, but I will never shy away from speaking about God. I certainly do enjoy the religion My wife and I belong to, but the religion is not the cure. The cure is simply your relationship with God. Your perspective in life’s trials will change when God is part of the equation. Imagine all your problems one by one. Imagine these trials being fraught daily by yourself and compiling on top of each other, soon to bring you down to despair.

        Now what if God was your partner. These daily issues and hurdles are now shared with God. In fact, designed by God for your good. Soon, these trails pass and others take their place. Don’t forget to look back at your journey or life itself. Look how far you’ve come. Look at your strengths. Look at your weaknesses. I bet you are now wiser and stronger than you were before.

        Wow…. Sorry for the length of this response. That’s why I stopped writing. I never know when to stop.

        I’m a cheerleader for you. I love your blogs. I pray for you.

        until next time.

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      2. That was a very impactful comment! I am so glad to hear you have turned things around. I have also sometimes found myself in the lowest of lows, crying for no reason but stress, having anxiety attacks I didn’t even known could exist because I always thought I was normal. My rock is definitely my boyfriend and he has helped me through everything, talked me through every hurtle and honestly he has no idea what he is talking about but talking to me always calms me down no matter what the issue is.

        I do believe in god, I believe in his presence and I talk to him sometimes. I will fully admit I’m sure I don’y spend the amount of time I probably should confessing and talking to him but knowing I have him and Nick to talk to really helps me through those tough times.

        I know I am strong, stronger than most may think but we all have weak points. I am so glad for you that you found your Misty and I found my Nick. They truly are our angels. I firmly believe that!


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