Finding the positivity in everything

We all endure different things in our daily lives and I know sometimes it can be difficult to stay positive, trust me! I have been through so many bad days where at the end of it I look at my life and where I am going and just wonder “Is this journey even going to be worth it?”

We constantly hear people say to surround yourself with positive people and positivity will come back to you. If you are anything like me you know this can’t always be the easiest because when meeting new people, they will only show the sides of them they want others to see. It is so hard now to come across genuinely nice people who want to be your friend for a long time. Thankfully I came across someone that is exactly like me at work and she and I have been the best of friends since then.

This has for sure made me realize god gives his toughest challenges to the people that can handle it. I firmly believe that what is put in our path was meant to be there. Moral of this blog post is that no matter how bad you think things are getting always stay on the positive side of things!

You have a low GPA?

At least you got into the school!

You lost a friend?

They weren’t meant to be there anyway, or they would still be!

You missed a bill and your credit score dropped?

At least you can pay your next one and you have the money to!

You cant afford that house you have wanted?

At least you have a roof over your head!

Everything has a positive side and my friend that I met at work was the one to make me realize how lucky I am to be in the position I am, have the job I have and have the love and family that I have. With all negativity is some sort of positivity, stay on the positive side of everything and you’ll notice your whole life becoming happier. You are bigger than this, you are stronger than this, whatever it is this is just a small part of your long life, take it for the lesson it is trying to teach you! YOU GOT THIS!

Any other words of advice from others in situations like these? I would love to hear them! Comment below!

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