Learning New Things and Expanding Horizons

We have all been there, in a situation where you’re stuck staring at your one hand holding the took and your other hand holding the broken [whatever it is] thinking you have no idea how to fix it. Until this magical thing called YouTube came into the world, we all just look up fix it videos on there. Personally, I love learning new things, becoming a wealth of knowledge so that I always know the answer. Of course, it’s near impossible to know everything!

The reason I want to go onto medical school and achieve one of the highest degrees is to know all there is to know about the human body. Of course, as I have posted before it can get a little overwhelming and difficult. Nothing in life worth working for will be easy, especially this.

Learning new things is what keeps us on our toes and constantly using our brain for the better– as the old saying goes “learn something new everyday”, I wish I could! I always used to joke with my mom that mothers went to a “mom class” that tought them how to know everything because its true! All mothers literally know the answer to everything, including where everything is, even if it wasn’t there when you looked…it will be when she does!

Taking the concept of learning new things and applying it to expanding your horizons opens up an opportunity that would have been missed had you not learned new things. Expanding your horizons can lead to so many memorable experiences such as traveling, meeting new people and trying new things! These two ideas are so important in everyday life and I just wanted to write a post hoping that everyone will take a moment to realize how important it is to get out of the everyday flow and constant redundancy of life!

Is there anything you all learned growing up that you are so thankful you did? Please share!

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2 thoughts on “Learning New Things and Expanding Horizons

  1. It’s always best to fall short of your dream, rather than staying safe in mediocrity. Try everything that takes your fancy, no matter how bizarre. When I left professional kitchens after 30 years, I did not have a clue how to fill my time, so I taught myself wood work, it can be painful at times, but we learn more from painful failures, than working safely within our comfort zone.

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    1. I really love the way you said this. I’m constantly working out of my comfort zone and I constantly think about all the things I am learning, which is why I wrote this post! Thank you for reading and your feedback!


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