It’s that time of year again

It’s after the holidays, everyone hasn’t yet wound down from Christmas and can’t wait for the new year to start their resolutions. As 2018 comes to an end everyone is reflecting on their past year while I can’t help but focus on the terrible holiday I just experienced.

As I was working this whole past week and will be working both days this weekend, I have missed out on a lot of holiday festivities. This seems sad but in my case, I’m not totally upset. I have been through the go-around with my family for the holidays but nothing as bad as this year.

Nick and I spent so much money, hard earned money, on gifts for the people we love and to our (obvious) surprise, we didn’t get anything from some people. Now, I understand some people may not have the money for the holidays which I totally understand, honestly, we don’t have the money either. However, I still cannot understand how people can keep a straight face when accepting presents from someone knowing full well they didn’t get anything for the person in return.

My parents have worked so hard for the money they have and my father saves money like no other and he takes care of his children. As few of you know my parents got a divorce when I was quite young, so I was used to not getting very many presents and I firmly believe that is the reason I appreciate receiving gifts so much.

This year my mom got a new management position for her job, which we are obviously so proud of her for and she got a raise! She decided to spoil my brother and I and our significant others for Christmas which most of us know you can’t keep a parent from doing what they want! The one thing I cannot manage to get off my mind is the idea that my mother has worked so hard to get the degree that she has and needed for her new position and she didn’t receive anything from my brother, nothing! This is so upsetting to me because I know they have money and I know they are able to splurge every so often and they just had a wedding which was not paid for by them. Yet, they didn’t give anything. I understand different people handle things in different ways but honestly this broke my heart, and I know my mother is all about gift giving and not receiving but she definitely deserved something for all the time and effort she put into our thoughtful gifts.

I have been told many times to let it go and that its not worth the frustration it’s just so difficult to get it off my mind! I guess I really do need to let it go because it’s not my position to say anything and whatever I can afford to give I do give to both of my parents because they have helped me out so much over the years that they also deserve to have a great christmas. Am I wrong for feeling this way? Please, please tell me and correct me if this is something your family does as well!

On a happier note….

It’s a new year and time for people to make those all so famous resolutions so let’s make a resolution together after reading my rant that we will all close out 2018 on a happy note and leave it all behind. If things stay the same in the new year, thats on those other people, not us! We are all going to change the way we handle situations! Positivity into the new year to my blogging community ❤

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “It’s that time of year again

  1. I would be sad too and a little confused. It’s good to hear your mom is all about the gift giving though. When you give a gift without any expectation of receiving something in return it’s a great feeling. Sometimes people show love and appreciation in other ways besides gift giving.

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