8 Must-Haves from Our Camper to Yours!

As requested, these are some of the things I have taken pictures of on my camper as a follow up to my 15 Things every RV/Travel Trailer needs! I have added a few things that weren’t on my list because I still think the things I took pictures of make a world of a difference in the camper!

First on the list: the bag!


Now, I posted about this bag because we literally use it for everything! When I am cleaning out anything I can fit sheets, pillows, dirty laundry, drinks, food, anything in this bag! The only thing Nick hates about it is the handles sometimes pop through the holes, but it never has for me it only does for him so I am thinking he is just being a little vicious with it!

Next, the plastic dishes and cups!



I know this isn’t the greatest picture but these plastic dishes and cups have saved so much trash. When anyone takes a drink or anything I tell them to just reuse the cup that they had the last time, a quick rinse and wipe down with the sponge and its good to go! I know red solo cups would probably be easier and we do use a lot of paper plates to be honest but when we have really hot or “soggy” food it helps to have the plates that are stronger and all it takes is one quick wash and all is back to normal! I do kind of hate doing the dishes though so I let them stack up and wait until everyone is done with their food and what they want to eat and drink before I do the dishes.

Number three was the grip shelf liners, you can see the roll on the bottom of the cups and plates cabinet. This liner has saved so many cups and dishes from falling out and (the coffee mugs are normal mugs) so breaking!

Number four is my SWIFFERRRRRR!


Keeping the floors in the camper clean and clear of stones, that have the potential of scraping the floor when you put in the slides, and dirt, that somehow constantly gets dragged into the camper is a huge must for me. Nick is so good with being meticulous about cleaning the floors and since we ran out of swiffer wet wipes, we bought clorox wipes and literally use them on the floor. You have to change them a few more times but its way cheaper than buying the wet wipes (which are also sold in very few stores).



Five is my collapsable drying rack which I still swear by!

IMG_7628.jpg      IMG_7627.jpg

I understand these pictures don’t really help but I put the drying rack on the small side of the sink so I can fill up the big side to clean them but when I have a ton of dishes (or if our fresh water is low) I fill up the small sink to do dishes in and rinse in the big sink and dry on the TINY side of the counter with a dish drying pad/cloth under the drying rack. But this is a much better option still than having Nick come in and dry for me or any of our guests have to do it.


The next thing, number nine, I included on my list were leveling tools. I forgot to take a picture of the leveling “bubbles” as I like to call them, of course, but these are the leveling blocks we use and they fit perfectly in with our ladder! There are I think 10 of them and they all fit into this little bag that zips up and has a handle to its super convenient to carry the blue bag around the camper and just easily place them inside the bag, zip it up and move along. Also, with one of our more recent camping trips in the muddy lot of the land, these blocks got filthy! Another great part is that they are just plastic and they have holes so they are easy to clean! Huge bonus when you can just rinse things off!!

Going off of the tangent that I kind of laid out there….not really because I suck at being funny, BUT, the ladder! This ladder has honestly become my pride and joy, as stupid as that sounds I literally love this thing. It is so simple to use and I have pulled it out so many times when we were getting ready to pack up and easily checked all the slides (from one point on the camper, I don’t like carry it around the whole camper) but it is SO EASY to use!



Number Thirteen, this is a picture of it only halfway opened up, the ladder rungs come out one by one and they snap into place, it is an audible snap so it’s very comforting to know that its locked in tight! Then once I use it there are these little sliding “buttons” on each rung that allow them to be released and the ladder slides right down almost like a tape measure (in a way…I guess). Once all the rungs are down there is a long strap with velcro at the end, seen laying on the floor in this picture, that wraps around the closed ladder and there is a little black hand grip where you can carry it. I know I sound like such an adult when I say I get excited about this ladder but you have no idea how amazing your life can be! And obviously this ladder can be used for other things besides a camper! Its just super easy! Ok, rant over!

Some things that I didn’t include on my list but find VERY useful are listed below:


A dry erase board! Something so simple can make a world of a difference. I’m sorry I didn’t make the board look super pretty for the picture but I wanted to show you the REAL side of things. Once we purchased the camper I kept finding things that were “wrong” in my eyes and that needed to be fixed. This is the list that I kept for safe keeping up in the upper left corner of the board. In the bottom left I made a small list, for when we didn’t have a system to follow so that we didn’t forget anything! I always tell Nick we would be those people driving down the thruway and knock our antenna clean off the top of the camper. Now that we have a system down we don’t look at this so much anymore but it will be nice to have available for the spring when we get back into it and we have been out of the game for so many months!


The next love that I have to talk about are these tension rods! Before I got baskets for our canned goods (which will be shown next) I put all the canned goods and yes, glass jars, of sauce between these tension rods and they held up pretty well through the whole ride! Of course, things are going to move around but for the most part all of my valuable items stayed put! I put these rods (here) in the pantry and in the bathroom medicine cabinet but they didn’t fit too well in the medicine cabinet so I ended up putting our bathroom things in little white plastic holders.

IMG_7637.jpgThis is the back of our camper and we have extra cabinets that have been a life saver. I have put separate containers on each shelf, batteries, canned goods, leftover containers and of course, after finding out the hard way that our degreaser lid wasn’t screwed on all the way and it leaked all over the cabinets, we decided we needed to put the cleaning things into a bin as well. These binds are the BEST but when our back slides are pushed in all the way I can’t really get to these back cabinets making it difficult to grab things easily, however, when we are moving nothing gets spilled or pushed around in the wrong way and its such a glorious ease on my mind to know that everything is secure!

This was everything that I could think to talk about in our camper. Of course we will need to work on adding things such as a paper towel rack, which seems to be so necessary for us since we go through so many! We are new to this and I am sure once we have more experience will add more practical things to add but for now this is so comforting to know that we have everything we can think of to make it comfy for us and our home away from home!

Thanks for reading and please, add any additional things below in the comments that you have in your camper and would suggest to us for the spring!

Until next time,



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