Buying ahead for your future home

As everyone that has followed my blog for long enough knows, I cannot WAIT to get our first home! Everything I do I constantly think about when we will be living together in our home and its just so exciting. So exciting in fact that I couldn’t wait until we got a house to begin buying things and I also figured it would help on the financial side of things to buy now while we don’t have a mortgage so that we don’t have to worry about it later!

It all began when I lived in the dorms at school and when I moved out I had all these towels and I had a bath mat, everything that I didn’t want to get rid of because it was still kind of new! No reason to throw these things away! So I saved them, from there on I kept buying random things and putting them in my “bins” as they were constantly referred to. It’s funny because that’s exactly what they are but I started buying more and more of them and constantly filling them up so fast I had no idea I was getting so much stuff.

Once we got the camper it got a little easier because a lot of the stuff I had saved for a house we were able to just kind of shift it over to the camper. Of course, as I blogged about in my 8 Must-Haves from Our Camper to Yours! post, I did do a little shopping and get a little excited for the new home on wheels we just bought but a lot of the things I already had! So exciting!

My not-so-great picture of my “bins”

These are my lovely bins, each labeled for what they contain, things for the kitchen, things for the camper, things for the bath, etc.

These bins contain things I have worked hard for, things I have made up in my mind about my invisible imaginary house (lol). Since I have bought towels for the bathroom and cute little placemats my mom got me for christmas from my favorite country store, all these things are going into a house before I even know what it is going to look like! But I have a general idea in my head of what I want this to look like and all of these small things will make our new house a home!

As you can also see in the picture, my dad gave me a desktop (with no tower) and a keyboard which we can put anywhere, maybe a future office? Underneath the computer monitor is a set of glasses, small things like this I get SO excited about. Although nick didn’t quite help me pick out some of this stuff he loves everything I did buy and I am so thankful for that! We got dishes from IKEA and salad and dinner plates from amazon as well. Unfortunately for all of you folks, I am going to make you wait to see them until we get a house, because that will build up your anticipation as well as mine for us to get this house already!!!

I personally think buying all of these things on clearance or marked down is the best thing we could have done for ourselves. We saved tons of money by doing this and in the end I feel it will make the whole process so much smoother! My mom just bought us christmas lights last week that were 75% off!!!! Thats insane! She got us 3 sets of 300 lights and 3 sets of 100 lights so we have 1200 mini lights then I went the day after she got us those lights and got even more medium-sized lights! I cannot wait to see what our home looks like so we can decorate to our hearts desire next christmas!

Anyone else think making bins was a good idea? Let me know if you can think of anything else I should include in my invisible house stock pile! Maybe I’ll include a list of the things I currently have in another blog post soon. Would anyone be interested in that? Tell me in the comments!

Until next time.



3 thoughts on “Buying ahead for your future home

    1. Thank you so much! I’ll need him on our side through this process, it seems to be more than I bargained for so far! But we’ll see where he leads us, I’m hoping there is a house he has up his sleeve picked out specifically for us. It’s in his hands now!

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  1. What a great idea! Having your first house brings on such a feeling of freedom! Having decorations and other items for your house will help you so much when it comes to cost. I wish I would have thought of that before we bought our house.

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