Sticking to your new years resolution?

I just about hate when people make a big deal about starting a new year and saying they are going to change for the better. Mostly because come mid-January no one is doing what they said they would be doing (or changing) anymore. I however, am very impressed with myself, I have stuck to the 80 Day Obsession from beach body and I honestly have to say I feel amazing!

When I had a routine back in high school I used to get out of school early and go to the gym, religiously, everyday. I had my last period free and I loved going because the gym was basically empty and I knew all the people I went to school with wouldn’t be showing up for another hour if not more so I had an hour to myself. I used to do cardio, lift, legs, and I LOVED the bike. I had my routine.

I have not been in shape like that since then, I played a few college sports which definitely helped out but I wasn’t lifting and I was playing volleyball which was mostly leg work and once I got to the University i’m at now, I haven’t exercised at all. I’m almost embarrassed to say I had basically given up all together.

My boyfriend had been applying to police academy after police academy and wanted to stay in shape for that so from time to time I would run with him but my asthma kicked in and knocked me out half the time. That was where I basically signed off and decided I was done. My body wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do and I was getting frustrated with being defeated! I never thought to take the time and actually invest in research for what I should be doing to get a goo workout and strengthen my body.

I began my fitness journey with Beach Body around beginning of October 2018 and I decided to start out with 21 day fix, and BOY, WAS I OUT OF SHAPEI was literally dripping sweat, finding myself PAUSING the video to take a breather, opening the windows because I thought I was going to pass out. It was a disaster honestly.

Once finals hit I had taken a backseat on the beach body train and I had decided I knew I should be working out, and I was paying for it but I didn’t have time in my crazy schedule. Welp, jokes on me because this new 80 day obsession is a compilation of workouts 6 days a week ranging from 35-60 minutes! The 21 day fix was only half hour long workouts!!! This is definitely going to be interesting once I start this semester. Therefore, I told myself it is imperative I make it a habit before going back to school so that I make sure I make time for my fitness!


I am currently on day 22 and I will for sure keep everyone updated on how this journey goes and of course, on my results! Yay! — I need to add I woke up at 5:30 this morning to exercise and I am NOT and have never been a morning person so the fact that I woke up early this morning and got in a workout all before coming to school was HUGE!

Anyone else on the health and fitness journey of 2019?! Comment below with things you are doing to help improve your body!

Until next time,



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