Why are people so biased?

Everyone in this world, whether they have gone to college or not, knows what a GPA is. GPA stands for Grade Point Average. This is something that people can look at and get a quick read on what type of student you are. It has been a pretty successful judge so far on how students do in school but, does anyone ever consider the amount of work it takes to achieve a good GPA?

As most of my readers know I am pursuing a career in the medical field, yes, I am well aware I already work in the medical field but I want to climb the ladder and make it to the top! I have been at the University I am at for 3 years now and it seems as if you can only make friends if you are smart or have something to offer them. No one wants an actual friendship which is really hard for some people, like me, to understand. I have been the kind of person that makes friends with everyone no matter what!

I recently made a new friend in one of my classes who is on the same career path as I am, sort of. She has gone through all of the same undergraduate classes and will be graduating in the spring. We have been communicating enough to establish that we are more than just acquaintances and when I messaged her asking for some information, our GPAs got brought into the conversation. How, I have no idea to be honest I’m pretty sure she just straight out asked. I told her my GPA (math and science based because I was certain thats what medical schools look at) well, no. She texted me back with her overall, well then I looked like a doofus because my overall was obviously different than my math and science so I corrected myself and NOTHING. It has been two days now and it’s almost like she is ignoring me. Why? Because my GPA isn’t a 3.8 I have nothing to offer you? This simple instance has taught me so much and has definitely proved to me that people in this school are shallow.

When applying to medical school my GPA will not be as perfect as everyone else’s I know that. BUT I do have the extracurriculars and experience that many of them do not have. I am 4 years older than most and therefore have been through many more things in my life (not that many because clearly 4 years isn’t a ton) that I can relate back to experience. I work in a hospital and see patients in and out ALL DAY at work. This is one thing I have going for me that I bet many others applying don’t. The only thing I can hope for is that many of these schools I will be applying to will see me as a well rounded person and not only look at the number on the page.

I have definitely improved my study habits and time management but it drives me nuts thinking that I may not get in because of my past failures and inability to put school first.

Thanks for reading my rant and if you have any advice or have been in this situation before please, comment below and let me know I am not the only one!

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2 thoughts on “Why are people so biased?

  1. -L, like always, I enjoy your straight from the heart blogs.
    At risk of dating my age, I must tell you I have climbed the ladder in business and have been very successful. For many years I managed 70+ employees. Managing required hiring and terminating employment. I have since been promoted to a Safety Compliance position and don’t miss managing much at all.

    In my entire career of hiring, the GPA or actual number has never made a difference in whether I hired an individual or not. NEVER! Please, don’t sweat the small stuff.

    I’ve followed your page for awhile and enjoy learning about you. I’ve never met you so clearly I’d never claim to know you. However, I believe I’ve learned key characteristic’s concerning your nature.

    Prior to employing an individual for a position, I would always do simple investigations on their history. Certainly, the process starts with your application and resume’. That’s where you get to explain your hard work and determination or focus. Be careful on what you may say on FB or possibly blogs because they can come back and haunt you. (Frankly, your blogs are fantastic, no worries there). Interviews are the most important. Present yourself worthy of employment. Be articulate and honest. Be yourself!

    As far as GPA…I’ve never paid attention to them. They never present the persons character, drive, or abilities. I hired individuals that looked me in the eye in interviews. The ones that had their shoulders back and had confidence. I never hired the smartest one nor considered it. I didn’t want smart. I wanted character and value.

    I have a feeling that you have those two things. So….shoulders back and head up!!! March on soldier! March on!!!

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    1. Thank you so much! Unfortunately who knows how medical schools view it. It was the same when I applied for the job I currently have at the hospital. However, medical schools take numbers like that into much more consideration.


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