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I understand I began this blog to talk about home buying and our journey with this, but now that I have more and more time for myself I have re-fallen in love with reading. I was never a reader per-say, if I found a good book I wouldn’t be able to put it down. However, if the book didn’t start off good, forget it. It was being let go and easily forgotten.

Now that I have more time on my hands I messaged my mom one morning asking if she had any book recommendations for me, her response, “lol bored?” Yes. I am bored. So i looked for the top charts, best books by critic review and I came across a few books and went to the bookstore to buy them.

The first book I began reading was called The Masterpiece.


Now let me tell you, I am by no means a very religious person, I do believe there is a God for everyone and people do with that what they may in their own time. This book, although not totally religious, had some underlying religious messages but it was such an amazing book and I have been recommending it to anyone I come across.

This book is such an amazing story about a man who grew up as a young child whose mother was found dead from an overdose when he was 7 and was put into foster care. He kept running away from his foster homes to go back to where he was from, where he was known. He became the “tagger” for a local gang and it became what he was known for, he had made a name on the streets for himself.

Now as a 30-something year old man he is a very successful modern artist with a different name, but still has his dark past very alive in himself. He meets this girl that will be his personal assistant (he hasn’t kept one for more than a week) and this is his last chance with the agency he works through because they have done everything they can for him, the next step is to refer him to someone else.

He is committed to making it work and the girl that is hired needs the job very bad. The story is a serious romance novel that makes you think about the world and religion and the ways other people think. It is an amazing page turner, lets just say I finished all 484 pages in 2 days (oops!)

The next book I chose I had actually sent to someone else for this book exchange going around, I also decided to get it for myself. It is called Love and Other Words.


Let. Me. Tell. You. This book is for real amazing. Being 24 years old I think it was a perfect fit. Now, I don’t necesarily think it would be a good read for teens or younger because it can get  little graphic in maybe like 2 parts of the book but this book is for sure a must read if you’re looking for a good romance and easy to relate to story! The main character is a young girl whose mom passes away (expected) and leaves her husband a list of things to do for every big event in their daughters life. When the main character begins having some of those feelings, her father decides to go to the list and buy a “get away house” in Northern California for his daughter to escape to. Complete with a large closet that will be converted into her reading nook, she meets a young boy who she will end up being best friends with in the future.

This story is something almost all woman can relate to about their younger teen-early twenties years. I highly recommend reading this book, I also finished this book in 2 days but it has 403 pages. You immediately feel like you are in the middle of their friendship the way this author wrote the book and it is such a great read!

Now that I have babbled about these two books maybe I can move on with my life and instead of constantly thinking about how good these two books were, find others just as good! I’ll keep you guys updated because I still have 4 more weeks of free time!

Comment and let me know if you guys have any other good book recommendations!

Until next time,


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      1. The only books I’ve read lately have a 4th grade reading level or lower and Harry Potter. But both my kids and my nieces are all going to school every day so I’ll have a little bit more time to myself. Ha but I’ll have to go through my library and make a post. That seems to be popular posts right now.

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