We Bought a Camper!

We have wanted a house for longer than most people, I’m sure. But, life got in the way…

We decided a while ago that an apartment wasn’t for us and for that reason we made the joint decision to begin saving for a house. You have all been involved along the way, or the short stretch of what it has been. With things changing and houses that we want not being available we have had to test our patience more than we had anticipated at the beginning of this journey.


To begin all of this, above is a picture of our new lady Peggy the Passport. We camp all the time and after the most recent occurrence of bugs, and rain and wind and anything terrible for tent camping that you can think of, I decided, at 24 years old, its been long enough. As nick said “I can’t believe it took me so many years to realize how much tent camping sucks!”

There it began, we were lost souls, so I decided to get onto the wonderful world wide web and look up camper options. I read for information like I have never read about something in my life. I researched like you wouldn’t believe because if we were actually going to do this, we were going to do it RIGHT the first time!

We went to our local RV dealer with (my) list in hand. I walked in feeling all confident that I knew what I want, I wanted to explore and that was that, we would go home and talk it  over and see if it was worth it. Well, to my surprise, they wouldn’t let you out into the RV lot unless you had a dealer with you and I don’t do well with sales people, because I know what I want. This became the truth when the dealer we were working with told me many people that come into the store and self-diagnose which camper they think they want are wrong, but that I had hit the nail on the head. (yeah, I know, I did my research) **rolls eyes**

We looked at a brand new basic model with no slides and it was cramped! I immediately knew that I liked the price but not the camper. We looked at another new one with a slide that was WAY above what I wanted to pay and at this point, I was getting very agitated. We ended up in a used camper, three slide outs and it was 32 feet! Absolutely enormous! It had bunks [on my list] and it had the entertainment center I wanted (not fancy I might add) but it was perfect!

Now for the hard part, we loved it but I still wanted to make sure it was the right decision so we went and looked at a couple other hybrid models (solid outside with beds that flap out once parked, like a pop-up but the sides are still full size like a camper). We finally decided we wanted it and long story short, even after I had told Nick we wouldn’t purchase a camper that day, we walked away owning a 32 foot travel trailer for 16k! It is a 2014 and honestly, fits us perfectly.

We have already gone camping in it a few times and are very happy with our purchase, no buyers remorse for sure!

BUT with that said, we are both seriously fed up with living at home and as nice as it is to go camping together and have our own place to basically live (on wheels) we need a more permanent set-up and I am becoming more and more stressed about it because when I apply to medical schools and plan to move on with my life, I need a dedicated spot to study!

We need to get our financial situation in order and luckily, we have figured out a way to pay off the camper in less than 3 years! We just seriously need to buckle down and put our house priority first!!!

If you have a camper and any pro-tips please let me know! Until next time,


3 thoughts on “We Bought a Camper!

    1. I’m gonna post one with all the re-decorating we have done after this weekend! Another blogger inspired me to do a journey down memory lane about our trip to Alaska so that’ll take the spot of next post but I’ll be sure so upload some pictures!

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