The constant forward motion of life

Things seem as if they are just happening one after another without me having a chance to catch my breath. I dedicate so much of my time to being successful in school and studying that when something beyond my daily routine creeps up, I feel like I have to deal with the issue before anything else and before I know it I have fallen behind and can’t catch up.

After 88 wonderful years on this planet, my grandmother, known as Tulu, passed away. It was not unexpected which helped a little bit but she had to suffer. After having a stroke in November 2017, she was put onto comfort care as she began to lose strength and was eventually unable to walk. As we watched her slowly slipping from reality we were blessed with good days among the bad. Good days gave us laughs, memories and a review of her whole life. This woman has been such an inspiration, raising 7 children and caring for a husband all in different times I have no idea how this woman was so strong her entire life, and with a heart of gold.

After attending all of the services and spending time with my family I had to begin to get back on track with school. Finals week was quickly approaching and I gave myself a break this semester to raise my GPA for the tough upcoming semesters, meaning that this was my make it or break it for a successful semester. Needless to say, I did my best and results are still to come!

I have missed sharing my thoughts and life for some time. Unfortunately, nothing new has progressed with our house situation. Although it seems as if nothing at all is happening, my savings is only growing and I am becoming more and more confident in purchasing and withholding a house! It is difficult when they are also not being listed. As we want a lot of land, the available options are even slimmer and therefore patience is key and that is why I firmly believe even though we aren’t moving into a house right now it is probably for the best because a better one will come along!

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