Why comparison is your worst enemy

In life, we have almost a natural instinct to look at the person or people next to us and see how well they are doing in life or in a certain circumstance and compare ourselves. Comparisons ruin people, I have recently realized this when I was given my grade on a test. Now, the worst thing I could have done was compare my grade with my friends, but of course, it’s the first thing I did. I got a 54 and I studied so hard, did practice problems and read the textbook! I worked almost 42 hours the week of the exam though which clearly inhibited my results on the exam. My friends, who work at max 10-12 hours per week (one not at all and one one day a week) all got high 80s to 90. This was a very difficult thing for me to take in simply because we all study together and I somehow managed to screw up so bad that I was below the average….which isn’t the first time.

This is not the first time comparing myself to someone else has hurt me, in the house hunting journey I have been so upset because I see friends and other people my age getting engaged, getting a house and so happy to be living on their own. House hunting is especially hard for us because we are looking for land. It’s so difficult to find a decent house with a lot of land in our price range. Comparing myself to the others who have their house and are happy living on their own is the absolute WORST thing I could do but you bet, I did it. Knowing that we will be in that situation soon enough helps, but does not make it any better. I understand the process is something that so many people say is such a memorable experience and fun and what not but my gosh, it almost seems like the time is flying by and not enough people are putting their houses up on the market fast enough!

So an update on where we are, we talked to the mortgage lender which I shared with you guys and we decided that no matter what happens we need to save more money. As a buffer, as an emergency fund and for the closing costs, whatever it may be we need to have more saved. I have been working doubles and extra time since a full timer I work with put in her two weeks notice. This was another issue causing me to get an awful grade on that exam and not have enough time to study. Regardless, buying a house seems to be the number one thing on my list lately so as long as I pass the class (which I will be studying starting now) it will all be worth it when I get my own study room in my own house just Nick and I.

Anyone have any ways of getting over the comparison problem? Share below!!


5 thoughts on “Why comparison is your worst enemy

  1. You’re right, every flower blooms at a different pace. Excel at doing what your passion is, and only focus on perfecting it. Don’t waste time comparing yourself to others. Because eventually they’ll see what you’re great at doing and success will come chasing you.❤
    (By the way, you’re already a great writer.)

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