Another year in the same home

Let me begin by stating that, by this time in my life I had imagined myself being on my own, in my own house, celebrating another year of life. This Friday is my 24th birthday and I have never felt so behind in my life in relation to my goals. I began this blog to talk about home buying and the steps I am going through and sharing my journey with you all.

I have lived in this home since I was a child, from birth, to be exact. I never got the excitement of moving to a new house and getting to pick my own room and decorate all over again. My room is a 10ft x 10ft BOX with my closet taking up a large portion of that. I am 24….I need more space!

Since my blog is mainly based on moving on and living in a new home I felt that in celebration of my birthday I would reflect on where I have been living the past 24 years of my life! The many memories I have made in this home with my family, the heart break, the tears shed, the happiness shared and so on, there is no way I can easily leave this home. When I was younger and my parents were still together, I remember my father being downstairs in the living room listening to our large flatscreen tv (with a GIANT box on the back of it….not like today’s flatscreeen tvs) while my mom prepared dinner in the kitchen. My brother would be in his room doing god knows what and I would be laying on my bedroom floor, in the “paint me like one of your french girls” pose listening to music out of my BOOM BOX (please tell me someone called it that too) bouncing around to my favorite songs. Nick makes fun of me because that used to be my favorite past time but now that I am older it makes me understand that as a kid, I didn’t need the computer or a tv to entertain myself, I used to love to go outside and play with the kids down the street, I even played street hockey, and I was terrible I might add.

We have a lamp post outside of our house right next to our driveway that my mom used to take pictures of my brother and I next to every year on the first day of school, will I have something like that for my children? There is a gaping pothole in our backyard where our above ground pool used to be before my mom gave it away FOR FREE I might add; will my children be swimming in a pond to cool off instead? My brother shot one of his arrows through the fence into the neighbors yard, I already know if I have a boy he will be doing the same. These are the things I think about when I imagine the future house we will be getting and what we are saving all of our money for. For happiness I keep telling myself, the memories and joy of owning your own home.

This bedroom has been all I have known for a large portion of my life, what is it going to be like moving out and having a whole HOUSE to myself? Am I going to relax in the living room the same way I do in my current bedroom? Am I going to enjoy that “study room” as much as I think I am? (I already know thats a yes) Having your own space is something that many people cannot say they have and when I finally have my own house I truthfully don’t think I’ll know what to do with all the privacy…especially since we want to live rural and away from anyone!

I am getting a big nostalgic and you are getting sick of reading about my life, I know, but I felt this was a time to get a little personal because moving on to bigger and better things, such as becoming an adult and buying your first house causes you to think back to where you came from and how everything used to be so simple.

Hopefully by this time next year I will be writing for all of you lovely people, telling you about how much I love my study room and my house and all of the magic it brings to my life but for now, at 24, this is the home I still know and I have to learn to appreciate the time I have left in this cherished childhood home of mine.

Until next time ❤


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