Millennials Can Do Anything

I know this title comes off a bit on the assertive side, which I totally agree with but in this post its the perfect title to have because the post itself is also very assertive. I have gone through so many years of my elders (not meaning old people, literally anyone thats older than me) referring to me as a millennial and every single time I am placed in this category it makes me cringe.

The reason it makes me cringe is because I don’t see myself as being a millennial, but first…let back up. What is a Millennial?

A millennial is defined as anyone born between the years of 1981 and 1996, someone who will reach young adulthood in the early 21st century, and many more definitions but all to sum it up to, well, me

I always perceived millennials *said in a snooty tone because I thought it fit* as being young, annoying, very poorly disciplined, spoiled, cocky people. I grew up in a VILLAGE of people who were extremely spoiled and basically received anything they wished for and I was on the outside of that bubble of folks who didn’t really grow up in the largest house, with the best family situation and with a childhood to write home about.

Once I came to realize the generational and definition of millennials included my older brother and some older cousins, well, that changed everything. I was no longer seen as the CHILD I thought everyone had branded me as being when they categorized me as a millennial but rather took interest in what it meant to be part of this group. I became the slightest form of obsessed with noticing differences in my generation to other generations. Finally, the conclusion was made, I am not like the others in my generation, however, I am proud to be a millennial because so many of my elders (clearly not ones I have spoken to) really do think highly of my generation and foresee us going places and making huge impacts on society.

The reason I wanted to write this post was because clearly, there are plenty of Millennials trying to become blogging sensations, we have learned to grow up with youtube, facebook, instagram and many other social media outlets at our fingertips. This can be a bad thing but for the most part, since we have grown up like this we know how to use these assets to propel us forward in the world and many of us have wanted to become a part of the online community so bad that we have taken the shot in the dark and started out own YouTube channel, blog, podcast, etc.

One of my coworkers recently began a Podcast called Too Serious, he and his friend have decided they are going to do this because they love listening to podcasts. Now, if you don’t know what a podcast is or never listened to one, *this was me not even a year ago*, they are audio or video clips of people talking, thats legitimately it. The most intriguing part of podcasts though is the people who host them generally find a topic in which they are going to talk about, much like blogging, you choose a topic and you write about it! The podcasts can get pulled off in a bunch of different directions as the hosts are talking which is what makes it so enticing to people my age, you never know what you are going to get!

The best part about my generation doing these things and jumping into something 100% and headstrong is that when you’re good at it and people like you, you can make money doing something you enjoy doing, all from the comfort of your home! Another one of the best parts about our generation is that if someone is putting themselves out there and becoming vulnerable, any other millennial will see that, and share, retweet, like, and do anything they can to help your cause! We are all in this together and because of that, I am going to use my platform to introduce someone who has worked hard to make his podcast and I encourage any and all of you to go check him out on whatever platform you use (but watching on YouTube is the best because you get the visuals!). I will include links to anything I can for him and I hope anyone that is not in my generation but also loves blogging as much as I do can take a minute and dive into something we are very unfamiliar with here in the blogging world and go take a listen! Its a very long podcast so you might want to grab a snack or plan to divide the video up into multiple days but I am proud of him and his friend for buying all the equipment and put themselves out there.

Thank you for reading about this and I really hope you go check him out! Anyone else have any good podcasts or friends they want to share their talents? Tag them or comment below and let me know!

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Spotify: Too Serious     Apple Music: Too Serious    Youtube: Too Serious

One thought on “Millennials Can Do Anything

  1. As always. Great blog. Millennial’s do sometimes get a bad rap. Some of them though I think do it on purpose. Almost as though they mean to put on the expected image of a “Millennial”. I’m not a Millennial and almost embarrassed to admit that I’m a little older. Okay, let’s be real here, let’s just say I’m older. Getting older has been a hard thing for me.
    Here’s the comment that I wanted to leave though. As an employer who is hiring these individuals to work for me, it’s difficult to find employees with enthusiasm and drive. One of the most aggravating comments or questions that I get from Millennial’s that has been of recent is, “Is it hard work”? Hard work shouldn’t be a bad thing. I think people grow and learn with hard work. I’m worried that if the common Millennial will refuse, quit, or shy away from physical labor where will we be a few decades from now?
    To be more clear on what I mean, I’ll try to articulate a world when hard work is that of the past. Food sources from farming to manufacturing will be in demand. Fuels; whether fossil or natural will dwindle, trucking in America has a current shortage of 30,000. Hard labor, is it the cause? I don’t know, but I would like to end by stating a phrase that I heard the other day. ” The jobs ten years from now haven’t even been invented yet”. Wow…..good or bad? Who knows; but someone will have to farm, have to truck, have to run heavy equipment, lay concrete, brick and asphalt.
    I love Millennial’s. They are absolutely brilliant. I don’t think they are lazy, I just think they work in an undefined way.

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