It Finally Happened!

Lets all take a nice little break from all of the covid-19 posts for some happy news.

I have been waiting for so long to write this blog post! We are engaged! 

To answer the things I know you want to hear most, YES I was surprised, it was in our backyard and I could not stop crying, which is kind of embarrassing.

I had to work the morning of and I got home around 430-ish. I was tending to my plants which has become my new thing these days. Nick suggested going for a walk, which was never out of the ordinary, we still want to explore our land and see what is out there. We left for a walk not long after, he was talking about so many random things I had a feeling something was going on. We walked to the side of our property and he asked me “What do you think the biggest event/thing was in our relationship so far?” I turned to him and said “wait, what?” and he told me “Just answer the question.” So I said the house, obviously…and he said okay and we kept walking like nothing ever happened. That was my first big clue that he was nervous about something. I also noticed he wouldn’t take his hand out of his pocket which I found strange and of course, me being a Nosy Nancy and wanting to ruin it for myself, I looked to see if I could see a box and all I could see was his hand so I let that one slide pretty quick.

Finally, we got to a spot and I wanted to keep walking but he wanted to stop, I asked if he was tired or if he needed to take a break, all the while not knowing he was probably freaking out and in his head saying “will you just shut up I need a minute before I do this.” So his response was that he just wanted to take in the view, and he looked toward the hay field back towards our house. Finally I was getting too antsy and all I remember is him saying “because I wanted to do this” and I looked and he was on one knee.

For whatever reason which I still do not know, my instant reaction was to turn my head away and I just began crying, I totally could not stop and I was a feeling I will never forget. Five years (close to five and a half years) coming, he FINALLY proposed and I honestly was so into my feelings I don’t even remember if he asked me to marry him because I just latched onto him and hugged him and couldn’t stop crying. I felt like a goofball but it was so emotional and it had been balled up for a long time waiting for this moment.

Of course, I had him put the ring on my hand himself which was a crazy feeling! It still feels weird wearing the ring but it fits like a glove, and thank god because I don’t know if I would be able to give it up to wait for the re-sizing. I have never been happier and I am so in love with the ring!

After I had calmed down I sent a picture to one of my best friends and face timed the other best friend who IMMEDIATELY got me to start crying again. So surreal! Then once we got back to the house and warmed up (it was a little bit chilly out) Nick’s brother and his girlfriend came over with champagne and his brother brought his camera to take pictures for us! Such a perfect day! We ordered subs and waited for the sun to start setting and took some amazing photos, sunset photos are still being edited but I got the first few and I’m so happy he was there to take pictures that day.

Needless to say it still feels so new and so surreal but we are planning to get married THIS YEAR! So long as the Corona virus doesn’t ruin absolutely everyone’s plans, it will be a small intimate wedding with a follow-up party in a year for all the family so we can plan and have the party at our house.

Now that I am on a high I want to hear everyone else’s proposal stories and any stories of small intimate weddings! Ya know, I have some wedding planning to do now so I will take any suggestions I can get! Comment below with suggestions and stories, I cannot wait to hear what everyone has to share!

Until next time,



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