The slowest 60 days EVER!

Well friends,

As you may have figured out in my prior post, we got a house! The house I actually posted about fell through because it needed so much work **Shutters at the thought** BUT, with every negative thing to happen in this home buying journey I constantly keep reassuring myself that there is a reason for everything and BEHOLD! A house came up that was an estate and the showings were going to start April 1st!

We went and looked at the house and besides some (serious) updating and cat pee smell, the house was on 30 acres! This house is right where we want to be, quiet country roads, neighbors far away, of whom are cows haha! Kidding, kidding, we do have neighbors, that own cows, but they are far enough away that we can get our privacy.

This house is a cape cod which I swore up and down I wanted nothing to do with! However, seeing the house and the land it is so worth it and I know we can make this house into something we love. The key reasons I am going to choose to love it for all it is are: (1) there is a bedroom on the first floor with NORMAL ceilings, (2) there is a dormer on the back side of the roof which means the back two bedrooms are also not too bad with the curved ceilings and (3) 30 ACRES!!

We are going to make this house into our home for a long time and we cannot be happier. There was a reason I had so much heartbreak over all the other houses we went to look at, because god had this one up his sleeve for us. I can finally confirm it was worth the wait but honestly the worst part of the wait so far is easily going to be these next (less than now) 60 days until we close. We have a super busy schedule and so many things we need to do and check off our list but for right now we are just focused on the end goal, to own a home!

I will keep you all updated as much as possible in these coming weeks but ya know, school. It ruins lives and plans! I also graduate in 4 weeks and it seems like it cannot come soon enough! Any other seniors out there having a severe case of senioritis?!

Any helpful tips on first time home owning and things to expect? We got our inspection so we have a general idea but NO idea what to expect when we first get in there, so exciting and overwhelming all at once i’m sure! Let me know if you have any tips!

Until next time,


5 thoughts on “The slowest 60 days EVER!

  1. Congratulations on your new house!! What a big accomplishment!! Being under contract is seriously the longest time ever… but you’ll move in before you know it! What helped me when I moved in to my house was cleaning it before moving. I know, boring! But it was so much easier to sweep or mop or even just clean the countertops and bathroom without having furniture and boxes cluttering up the space. Sounds like you have a lot of work ahead of you anyways, so cleaning might not make a difference with all the projects you need to work on with the house. Putting in a lot of grunt work at the beginning will save you in the end, trust me! Again, congrats!!

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    1. Thank you so much!!! We are very very excited! But after the grunt work is done I’ll make sure I clean before moving in! That completely makes sense too cause you’re moving into a clean area! I’m sure the dust will get literally everywhere but I would have to be moving a bed in while there was dirt and leftover dust everywhere 😤 I will definitely take your suggestion and make sure the cleaning gets done before moving in! Thank you!

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  2. Praise God! Praying the Lord blesses it all! Our house was a brand new build when we bought it, but I can give you some tips after owning this home for almost 13 years (moved in August 31, 2006) and owning a home before this one for several years. The inspector should catch these, but make sure the furnace, hot water heater, and sump pump (if you have one) are in good working order. Also, check for any issues with plumbing (sinks, toilets, etc.). I would also make sure there are no mold or insect issues or anything like that. Find out when the last time the roof was done too. 30 acres is awesome! It is my dream to live on land like that! So cool! God bless!

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