Home is what you make it

Full disclosure, this photo is not my house. I am using another artist’s work, completely legal and from a free website. However, my home feels just as cozy as the one captured in this picture. I have been in my feelings this morning sitting on my couch, having my morning coffee and just listening to the dish washer swish and plates clink, the fire pop and sizzle as it burns and the wonderful sound of peace living out in the middle of nowhere land.

I felt nostalgic this morning listening to that dish washer because not very many years ago I was at my mothers house, my childhood home, hearing the exact same sound. It’s wild to think about how fast growing up can happen. I remember the times when I was living at home still with my mother and the only place that was really mine was my bedroom. I had so many possessions, yes, more than I needed, but they were mine. I remembered going through a time when all I wanted was to move out, have my own place and do things the way I wanted because I could. As you could have found out from my post The slowest 60 days EVER! we purchased our home in 2019 luckily before the world collapsed and the housing market along with it. We had completely rehabbed this home and made it our own and for that, I am so proud. Learning everything off YouTube and asking any and every dad we knew for the how-to of a project. I have made it to this point, sitting on my couch and listening to the soft purr of my first adopted child where I am realizing time is moving oh so quickly and I have barely taken a moment to soak it all in.

It’s very understandable to let life get away from you, we are all wrapped up in the day-to-day, every single one of us. What about the times when you forget to realize you’ve made it and accomplished old goals you had set for yourself? If you don’t notice your own success step by step, even if it may sneak up on you, how will you determine what success really is if you are constantly chasing the next best thing? I recently saw something on social media and as I forget what exactly it was I remember the premise of it, if you ask a successful person what its like to literally have the world at their fingertips they will say on the outside thats the way it looks but they are still not pleased. Even someone that has it all is still on the lookout for the next best thing. I understand it is hard to see the small successes sometimes when you aren’t accomplishing any massive goals but those small successes are what fulfill you on a daily basis so that you can change from year to year. Find your community and brag to them about any small accomplishment you have because they will lift you up even if you got out of bed today! Having a support system will help you enjoy all of those small daily successes while you are working towards reaching your next big goal.

Do you have any big goals you would share? Comment below an lets chat!

Until next time,


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