Can you hear it?

Hey friends! Can you hear it? The dawning of a new decade! Cliché, I know, but it’s so true! We have all come such a long way from where we were 10 years ago.

Believe it or not, 10 years ago I was 15 *cringes* SO YOUNG! I think back to those days, in the normal routine of school, sports, and friends completely oblivious to what the years ahead would bring me. Okay, I feel as if thats unfair to say because I was one of the lucky ones…one of the lucky ones who always knew what she wanted to do. I have big plans for myself, anyone who knows me or has been following for long enough knows I have had those plans set in stone for a very long time.

Recently, I had an annual doctors appointment and of course I did not want to admit that something was wrong but my friend convinced me to say something and come to find out, something is wrong. Very wrong. We can save that dark and gloomy story for another post because there is going to be an update on that in oh…6 weeks now I believe it is. maybe less, I’ve been trying to keep it out of my mind as best as I can.

I remember when I was younger the feel of the holidays, how sentimental every little thing was to me when it came to Christmas and even New Years. I have spent the last few years at work for every single holiday and that my friends is the epitome of growing up. Ever since we got our house (as I’m sure most of you have noticed) everything we had has gone into making it a home. The time, money, energy and sweat we have put into this house has all become worth it. The days between Christmas and New Years are all so different now but still in a positive way. Of course, we all miss the nostalgia we get when something happens to make us think back to that sweet time when we were adolescents sipping on our favorite drink, doing our favorite holiday activity and listening to the sweet music that still continues to play to this day, yes, the same exact songs.

As I sit here in my new living room I think about all of the times we stayed up late to finish the mudding on the ceiling so that we could begin on the walls, the one night Nick and I stayed up late with TWO lights on in the living room trying to paint the walls and a bat got into the house. The hysterical moments following that were the times I will never forget and oh how I wish I had a camera planted for that!

I will be updating you all on the progress of the house (which is now almost completely finished). Of course, my plans didn’t pan out as I expected, I wanted to be sharing all of our experiences and steps of the way with my followers but things get absolutely crazy during a home renovation which I’m sure anyone who has been through it can attest to.

I am writing this blog post because I am sitting here on my couch, studying to take the most epic exam of my life with my kitten at my side, piano music playing on the TV and the fireplace going (real and fake one so I can get the ambiance and the warmth) just realizing how lucky and grateful I am that this moment is finally here. All that I have dreamed about and talked about, all of the agony trying to find the perfect house, then going through all of the awful paperwork to make it our own and since all of that, here I am. In peace. Listening to the most calming music, relaxed, in my home.

Cheers to 2020 everyone and I hope you will all be willing to join me on this crazy journey of being a new home-owner. Trust me, I have plenty of stories to share!

Is there anything that makes you particularly nostalgic around the holidays? Let me know! I would love to hear and share in the most wonderful time of the year with you all!

If nothing nostalgic, do you have any good new years resolutions? That could help me out immensely because I don’t have one *eek*! Leave a comment below and fill me in!

Until next time,


4 thoughts on “Can you hear it?

  1. Ah, ya baby! Ten years ago I was 31!
    Seriously, though, you’re wise to ‘take time to smell the roses’. Time goes by very, very fast and its pace only accelerates as you get older. I still think of the move to my current state of residence as a recent thing… but it was nine years ago. Nearly a fourth of my life.
    So here’s to you, and the wisdom you demonstrate by chronicling how much the little things really DO mean! And best of luck with your health; I will pray for you.
    Cheers! – Shaun

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  2. Mine was not yelling at my kids, it was great, worked well and then moved on to writing every day, it’s been about 15 days or so. Nothing is too small, I’m carrying the resolution forward hopefully all year. After one is over just starting another one. Simple things like putting the dry dishes away once a day or the way I prep the laundry. The new year started January 1st, but Chinese New Year was the 25th and the parade was the 1st of February, the old roman year started in March for a long time, so I keep making new years mentally and making new resolutions each month this year, it feels like “cheating the system” but it’s working so well I’m hoping to just keep going as long as I can and if I stop it’s fine I already have a 3 resolution streak. 🌸

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