Who is Inverted Lily?

I have decided to write this post to maybe inform new followers and reiterate why I began this blog.

This is a personal blog I began to track my way through my evolving life as a young 23 (at the time) year old, going through undergrad and possibly applying to medical schools. Buying our first house, managing debt, savings, buying toys (totally necessary) and everything that life has in store for us.

The reason I named this blog Inverted Lily is because everyone admires flowers for the beauty that they have, the simplistic yet detailed nature of something growing from the earth, constantly evolving to the amount of sunlight and water it is given. We all see flowers in this manner, as beautiful, yet no one thinks about the opposite of all that beauty. The strength and power one needs (human reference) to portray themselves as a figure of beauty, someone that is simplistic yet detailed in their own way given a certain amount of sunlight and water (flower reference). We all have our own characteristics but no one person is just like the next. We all face our ups and downs, our traumas and joys of which make every single one of us unique.

These are my stories, my experiences, the highs and lows of growing and maturing and unfortunately learning new things mostly the hard way. Learning these things and teaching myself new lessons and sharing them with all of you will hopefully give you all more information to prevent the same mistakes from happening to others! That is my goal here, to share my experiences and have a blogging community behind me that I know will be there for me and to teach others along the way!

There are two kinds of me, one that is always in comfortable clothes, ready to take on the day from a comfy couch; and another of me that is always in scrubs going to work. Rarely ever is there an in-between.

I challenge you all to look at your lives not as a flower all the time, not as a beautiful portrait or painting of things you have accomplished and all of the highs in your life, but also, for a very short period of time, be thankful for all of the times you had lows. When things didn’t go your way and you found yourself coming back much stronger. That is the reason I began this blog with this name, not all posts are happy and not all posts are sad, but we must look at the flower from a different perspective sometimes; that flower is our life.

Please follow along and share your opinions, I literally love getting comments and having my followers communicate with me!

Until next time, I hope to see you all!


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