Why Blog about Home Buying?

This is going to be almost a personal post about buying a house. If you have read my about me you know I am 23 years old (24 next week) and a Radiologic Technologist. Being this old and having a job that I have is super nice because it does pay a decent amount of money and therefore I am able to look at houses and purchase one. To be clear, I have been saving for years now so its definitely not right away, I have taken the time!

I never moved out of my mom’s house, my parents got a divorce when I was 7 and she was a single mom raising my brother and I. As some of you may have read, now that I have a “big girl” job, I could afford to spoil my mom and take her on the trip of a lifetime. We got to go to Alaska in January for her birthday. No, it never gets easier traveling with your mother but my mom and I understand each other enough where if one of us gets frustrated at any point, we know what to say and do. She is the most thoughtful giving and caring woman I know of and that constantly makes me wonder how I got my attitude! My father, he has an attitude as well. But as much as my mom says she envy’s my willingness to stand up for myself all I can think of is, it comes with its down side, like when I get upset and can’t hold in my anger. Its a constant work in progress.

Living at home with my mother has been nice, but since Nick and I have been dating for 3.5 years it is becoming increasingly more important to us to get our own space. This is where I have arrived with my blogging. 

I have decided since beginning the journey in the home buying world, when we knew nothing compared to what we know now, I would like to share our knowledge with other people who are wondering the same things. I know a lot of my friends are currently interested in, or have just bought their first houses. The friends that have bought their first house had to find out all their information how I am now, which can be a lot to take in once you start the journey. Putting all of my learned information into blog posts which someone can find all in one place will be so helpful and will help people begin this journey with at least the basis of understanding of home buying and what it includes.

I hope everything I am writing about helps at least a few people and everyone learns from my blog. Tomorrow we are going to meet with a mortgage loan officer and therefore I will have more information after we meet with her, so I’ll keep updating as I learn more information.

Thank you all for following along this journey with us. ❤


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