Why we won’t use Zillow

Let me begin by saying this is in no way a post to bash zillow for any reason. I know plenty of people that have used the app successfully and are more than happy in their house. This is all my opinion and thoughts on the app.

Our journey, like many others, began by looking at home buying apps such as Zillow and Trulia and anything else that is helpful and you can see houses on the market. We soon discovered that many of the houses listed or the listings aren’t updated as often as we, as home buyers, would like. The information available is super helpful when you are looking because you can see the prices of homes and taxes and what is available in the area etc. It’s a great way to judge what you will be able to get with a certain amount of money.

The main reason we decided not to use these apps is because anytime we wanted to see a house, they were either already off the market or under contract, meaning they have accepted an offer and are a step closer to closing on the sale. I understand that there is a ton of homes that Zillow has to keep track of and keep updated and for that reasoning, I understand why they are out of date.

When looking for homes we were open to all things such as foreclosures and homes that needed more work, which was helpful on Zillow because they have more filters that you can cut down your search results. Sometimes these homes that have filters applied come across as being a home but it is just LAND listed as a home. Maybe the people are trying to get more views on their homes by keeping the filters open to a lot of things but it is frustrating to home buyers.

Is there anything that is annoying to you about the home buying apps? Anything that you LIKE about zillow or other apps that you would like to share? Let me know!


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